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reviews published in the Jun 2003 issue of The Family Historian

Brightwalton, A Downland Village by June Osment, Sue Sayers and Jean Stephens (JSB Publishers, 2002).

Those were the days! recollections of Shinfield by six local residents (Shinfield and District Local History Society, 1995, reprint 2002).

Reading Registration District — Marriage Notices 1837-1848 (The Eureka Partnership, 2003).

Henley, Wallingford and Wokingham Registration Districts — Marriage Notices 1837-1856 (2003) (The Eureka Partnership, 2003).

Criminal Register Indexes (HO 27) 1807-1816: Vol. CDP2
- South-Central
by Stuart Tamblin (Family History Indexes, 2000), CD ROM.

reviews published in the Mar 2003 issue of The Family Historian

Reading: Snare’s Post Office Directory 1842-3 (Berks FHS, 2002)
(CD-ROM, BRK0201)

Berkshire Burial Index, 2002 (Berks FHS, 2002).
(CD-ROM, BRK0202)

PARISH REGISTER on MICROFICHE - BARKHAM, St James, 1538 - 1998 (BFHS, 2002)
(3mfc, PR/07)

PARISH REGISTER on MICROFICHE - COMBE, St Swithin, 1560 - 1985 (BFHS, 2002)
(1mfc, PR/08)

19th century St Nicholas Hurst - glimpses of parish life by Jim BELL (author, 2002)
A5 illustrated green cover, 52pp.

“The Bobby’s Notebook” - on the beat in early Victorian Sunninghill, Christine WEIGHTMAN (Cheapside Publications, 2002).

More of the Tilehurst we remember (History of Tilehurst Group, reprint 2001, 1st pub.1999).
A5 illustrated cover, illustrated with line drawings and photographs, 103pp.

Rural life in the Vale of the White Horse 1780-1915, Nigel HAMMOND (Rectory Orchard Books, reprint 1993: 1st pub. 1974)
A5, blue pictorial cover, 166pp.

Vale of the White Horse 1893, Old Ordnance Survey Map (Alan Godfrey Maps, 2002)

Eye & Dunsden - two centuries of change, Brian R LAW (author, 2001).

Monumental Inscriptions on the Web - a Directory, Stuart A RAYMOND (Federation FHS, 2002).

reviews published in the Dec 2002 issue of The Family Historian

Surnames & Genealogy - a new approach by George REDMONDS [FFHS 2002]

Eton Union & Registration District: Workhouse births, 1837-1838 & Burnham Sub-District births 1893-1897
Price £2.50 + P&P 50p UK, £1.20 O/S airmail from The Eureka A Partnership.
Eton Union & Registration District: Workhouse deaths 1848-1900 & Eton & Burnham Sub-District infant deaths 1879-1885
Price £3.50 + P&P 50p UK, £1.40 O/S airmail from The Eureka A Partnership.
Amersham, Aylesbury & Eton Registration Districts: Marriage notices 1837-1843
Price £1.50 + P&P 40p UK & £1.30 O/S airmail from The Eureka A Partnership.

The Saga of the BECKINGHAMS & Kaiser Bill (1914-1919) by Alex J McGAHEY

Current publications on microfiche by Member Societies, comp. by John P PERKINS (Federation of Family History Societies (Publications) Ltd, 5th edn 2002)

Was your grandfather a Railwayman? A directory of Railway Archive Sources for Family Historians, by Tom RICHARDS [FFHS 4th edn. 2002]

Surrey & Sussex - Genealogical Library Guides by Stuart A RAYMOND (FFHS).

Guide 1: Information for Genealogists - history, archives, journals, etc. (2002)
Guide 2: Parish registers, monumental inscriptions & wills (2001)
Guide 3: Lists of names (2002)
Guide 4: Administrative Records for Genealogists (2002)
Guide 5: Occupations (2001)
Guide 6: Family histories & pedigrees (2001)

Basic Facts about ... Descendant Tracing by Tom Wood [FFHS 2002]

User Guide to the Online Census for England and Wales (1891 & 1901), written & published by G T LEDBROOKE (Sep 2002)

reviewed in the Sep 2002 issue of The Family Historian

A Walk round our Village - compiled by Shinfield & District Local History Society (2002)

Berkshire Old and New, No.19 (Berkshire Local History Association, 2002)

The Story of Newbury, by Tony Higgott (Countryside Books, 2001)

Cheapside in the Forest of Windsor, by Christine Weightman (Cheapside Publications, 2000)

Diary of a village school, 1873-2000, by Monica Lawson (2001)

A photographic history of Eton Wick and Eton, Eton Wick Local History Group (Robert Boyd Publications, 2000)

Pangbourne and Whitchurch, 1910 - Old Ordnance Survey Map, Berkshire Sheet 28.12 (OXF sheet 55.12) (Godfrey Edition, 2002)

Local Newspapers 1750-1920, England and Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, compiled by Jeremy Gibson, Brett Langston & Brenda W. Smith (FFHS, 2nd edn. 2002)

Probate Jurisdictions - Where to look for wills, compiled by Jeremy Gibson & Else Churchill (FFHS, 5th edn. 2002)

reviewed in the June 2002 issue of The Family Historian

Dorset & Beyond, the Wilsher family history, AD 1550-2000 by John Wilsher [Scotforth Books, 2002]

Our Village of Spencers Wood [Spencers Wood Local History Group 2001]

The People of Didcot - Images of England (part of the Archive Photographs series). Compiled by Kenneth Caulkett [Tempus Publishing Ltd, Gloucs, 2000]

The Town of Reading & its Abbey by Dr Cecil Slade [Local Heritage Books 2001]

Wokingham & Bracknell (Francis Frith's Photographic Memories) by Trevor Ottlewski [Frith Book Co Ltd. 2001]

Thatcham Road Names by Roy Brian Tubb [The Author 1991]

Tithe War: 1918-1939, The Countryside in Revolt by Carol Twinch [Media Associates]

The Jarvis Chronicles: a family history by Carol Jarvis [published by the author, 2002]

reviewed in the March 2002 issue of The Family Historian

Sonning Common in the Nineteenth century - 'A Little World Apart' by Jill Kendal [2000]

Public Record Office - Pocket Guides to Family History

One-Place Genealogy by David Hawgood [2001]

reviewed in the December 2001 issue of The Family Historian

Parish Gate, Vol 1 Berkshire (S.E.)

Early Medical Services in Berkshire and South Oxfordshire from 1750 by Margaret Railton [1994]

The Story of a Village - Eton Wick 1217-1977 by Judith Hunter [reprint 2000]

Are you married, or do you live in Maidenhead? A Who's Who of Maidonians by Bridget Hole [1998]

Reading (Britain in Old Photographs) Collected by P G Southerton [reprint 2000]

Windsor (Old and New) A Thousand Years - a living history [corrected reprint 2001]

Historical maps of World War II - Europe by Michael Swift & Michael Sharpe [1st edn 2000]

reviewed in the September 2001 issue of The Family Historian

Basic Facts about ... using Colindale and other Newspaper Repositories by Audrey Collins [2001]

Basic Facts about ... Research in London, Part 1: Researching London Ancestors by Lilian Gibbens [2001]

Change at Cholsey Again! by Judy & Stuart Dewey [2001]

Identifying your World War 1 soldier from badges and photographs by lain Swinnerton, illustrated by Roland Symons [2001]

Londoners' Occupations - a Genealogical guide compiled by Stuart Raymond [2nd edn 2001]

Gibson Guide: Bishop's Trancripts & Marriage Licences, Bonds and Allegations (a guide to their location and indexes) compiled by Jeremy Gibson [5th edn 2001]

Irish Ancestry - a beginner's guide by Bill Davis [3rd ed 2001]

reviewed in the June 2001 issue of The Family Historian

'Unlocking the Past': The Story of a Benwell family from Berkshire by Carol Angus

DNA for Family Historians by Alan Savin

A History of Gordon Road School, 1907-1974 by Walter Rose [published by the author]

reviewed in the December 2000 issue of The Family Historian

The Secretary Hand ABC by Alf Ison [3rd edn 2000]

Militia Lists and Musters 1757-1876 by Jeremy Gibson and Mervyn Medlycott [4th edn]

Marriage and Census Indexes for Family Historians by Jeremy Gibson and Elizabeth Hampson [8th edn 2000]

Specialist Indexes for Family Historians by Jeremy Gibson and Elizabeth Hampson [2nd edn 2000]

An Introduction to British Civil Registration by Tom Wood [2nd edn]

An Introduction to Poor Law Documents before 1834 by Anne Cole [2nd edn]

An Introduction to Friendly Society Records by Roger Logan

Basic Approach to Illuminating Your Family History with Picture Postcards by Philip J Chapman

Administrative Records for Yorkshire Genealogists by Stuart A Raymond

Information Sources for Yorkshire Genealogists by Stuart A Raymond

Yorkshire Lists of Names by Stuart A Raymond

Ghosts of Berkshire by Ian McLoughlin

reviewed in other issues of The Family Historian

Jewish Ancestors? - A Beginner’s Guide To Jewish Genealogy In Great Britain. Contributions by various authors and edited by Rosemary Wenzerul

An Introduction to Occupations, a preliminary list by Joyce Culling [2nd edn]

Basic Facts about . . .

Basic Facts about Using Record Offices for Family Historians [2nd edn]

Basic Facts about Using Education Records

Gibsons Guide - Lists of Londoners by Jeremy Gibson & Heather Creaton [3rd edn]

Current Publications by Member Societies of the FFHS compiled by Elizabeth Hampson [10th edn]

Finding Genealogy On The Internet by Peter Christian [1999]

FamilySearch On The Internet by David Hawgood [1999]

The Brimpton Story [1999]

Purley on Thames at the Millennium Compiled by John Chapman [2000]

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