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19th century Berkshire

In 1831, Berkshire contained 141 ecclesiastical parishes — within the boundary of the former Royal County. That total would grow to exceed 200 parishes by 1901 — an increase of some 43 per cent.

Finding your way to the various towns, villages, and hamlets that together formed 'old' Berkshire (some of which today have been relocated into modern Oxfordshire) is not always straightforward. You will find a comprehensive Gazetteer for pre-1974 Berkshire in the Members' Area. This can help you in locating places..

Places all have their associated Anglican places of worship, and some communities have several such buildings. Most of these have adjacent churchyards and burial grounds too. And there are civil cemeteries and crematoria, of course. Some researchers will also need to consider Berkshire's nonconformist chapels and meeting houses.

These five sub-menu items will lead you to considerably more information, whether you are researching ancestors within the Royal County of Berkshire,  further afield, or both.

Research in Berkshire

Research in Berkshire The purpose of these articles is to give you key details of many of Berkshire's towns and villages. Note — not every place has its own individual entry yet.

The section also introduces Berkshire-specific archives, libraries, museums, register offices, memorials and other materials and resources where you are likely to find valuable information you need for your family and local history research.

Local search

Local Search allows you to search across the entire site contents for a surname, place, topic or other keyword.

Members' interests

Members' Interests offer one way to explore surnames of  interest to you. Usually, there is a date range for each surname. Be aware that these surname details often cover other counties too, as well as Berkshire.

Birth briefs

Society members are encouraged to submit their family trees (whether partly complete or largely complete). Birth Briefs are links to member-submitted family trees.

They often offer useful links to surnames in which other people are interested. Again, content is not confined just to Berkshire families.

Book and CD Reviews

There is plenty of useful information here. You will find reviews of society CDs, many topographical books, and other digital and printed publications about Berkshire and its towns and villages.

General family history publications are reviewed in this section too.

Many of the reviews first appeared in earlier editions of the society's quarterly magazine, the Berkshire Family Historian. Many of the items reviewed are stocked by the Bookshop.

A few items that are no longer in print (or no longer stocked) can often be found in local studies collections in libraries and record offices.

Members' Area

The Members' Area offers more data and information, including extracts from society publications and other datasets, some of which are not available anywhere else. As a society member, you are encouraged to Register to access the Members' Area

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