Gift Membership 

Share the joys of researching family history with a friend or family member.

At certain points in the year, the society offers gift memberships. These are not currently available but will be back again later in the year.

This is how the 2019/2020 offer looked.

GiftMembership poster v3 March2019 

How do they work?

Extended membership

Your gift pack contains:

a gift card for you to personalise

an 'activation form' The recipient must fill in her/his personal details and contact preferences and return the form to the Membership Secretary to 'activate' the membership. This safeguards their personal information at every stage, and ensures that the society meets its privacy and other data protection obligations.

a 'how it works' note, explaining Gift membership and setting out the benefits of being a society member.

Gift Memberships  great giftsat special prices

Help friends and family with their family history — wherever those ancestors came from

Look out for the 2021 offering in the autumn.

page revised and updated 1st June 2019

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