Berkshire Strays Index

What is a Stray?

“A stray is a recorded event in which a person is described in the source record as being from, or connected with, a place outside the area in which they normally lived or were born.” FFHS definition

People from Abingdon have strayed to Bury St Edmunds; from Aldermaston to Bristol; Hungerford to Hastings; Maidenhead to New Zealand; Newbury to Yorkshire and so on…  They are all Berkshire Strays.

The Berkshire Strays Index now stands at 20,500 entries made up mostly by census entries (69%), but also with some emigration, address, marriage and burial records.  The index forms part of the Berkshire Name Index which is fully searchable at The Centre for Heritage and Family History

No further census details are being added to the Strays Index as the census details are now readily searchable online, as can deaths in both World Wars, and details from parish records of baptisms, marriages and burials from many places.

Note: Details of events that provide extra information over and above that available from other sources are still being added to the Strays Index. If you find such information, please send it to the Strays Co-ordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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