Making more Berkshire records accessible

Every historian with Berkshire interests wants to see more of the records of 'old' Berkshire made available in easily accessible form, whether on CD or online with Findmypast

Society volunteers have transcribed many of Berkshire's parish registers, monumental inscriptions and other records. But there is more to do.

Why don't you join in to make even more Berkshire records readily accessible to others?

The current need is for more volunteers able to check transcriptions against original records — something essential for quality outputs. This vital work can only be done at Reading - at Berkshire Record Office where original records of the 'old' Royal County are held. 

If you cannot get to Reading easily, volunteers are also needed to read, transcribe, photograph and check monumental inscriptions in all parts of historic Berkshire. Some of this work can be done at your own pace, and some can be completed in your own home.

Extra pairs of hands ensure that even more can be achieved - and achieved even faster

Project work is valued, varied and rewarding. It's a way of giving something back to family history. Today's researchers benefit enormously from the dedicated efforts of earlier family historians. And digital page images alone are of little value, unless accompanied by the quality indexes and accurate transcriptions necessary to use them effectively.

Why not use your specialist skills and understanding in project work today... benefit future family historians tomorrow?

How to get involved

Projects go through many stages and tasks before completion. Project and quality standards are vital to ensure that accurate data is published. Berkshire Family History Society places great importance on independent checking against original records or monuments before any index or transcription series is considered ready for publication. 

Can you use a laptop? And, with training provided, a simple transcribing tool? Could you help to make independent checks against original records at Berkshire Record Office in Reading? Is fieldwork your forte? recording, mapping or photographing monumental inscriptions, for example. Maybe data manipulation, design, or CD building is something you do well? Or you write, draw, or generate maps and plans... the long list of skills and abilities necessary for effective project work offers opportunities for everyone.

To join in projects listed below, or to suggest new initiatives, contact the society's Project Co-ordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Projects

Berkshire Baptisms
Berkshire Marriages
Berkshire Burials
Berkshire Pedigree Index
Berkshire Strays Index
Monumental Inscriptions
Parish Registers
Berkshire BMD

Completed Projects

Berkshire Probate Index (1480-1857)

Berkshire Overseers Papers (pre-1834)

 Berkshire War Memorials


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