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Could you write for the Historian?

Could you write for the Berkshire Family Historian?

Contributions to the magazine from within and beyond the society are always welcome. Anyone planning to submit material is requested to:

  • Keep to 1,200 words or fewer.
  • Submit in Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) files if possible.
  • Submit illustrations as separate jpeg files. Please do not paste pictures into Word; they cannot be successfully extracted for print layout.

Please also bear in mind that:

  • Pictures which look good on screen may not be print-quality; an image needs to contain at least 250,000 pixels (i.e. 500 x 500) to be suitable for printing even just two inches square. Images intended for larger reproduction will need more pixels. Ordinary internet images are rarely of this quality.
  • Images must be copyright-free, or come with permission to reproduce from the copyright-holder. Copyright applies to internet images as well as to hard copy. In general, copyright expires 70 years after the death of the originator.

The editor has no budget to remunerate contributors, but they can be assured of an appreciative readership of about 2,000, and long-term archiving in several libraries around the world.

Issues of the magazine are published in the members' area of this website on or soon after publication.

Any material submitted to the editor is deemed to be offered for publication by the society in print and online, unless otherwise indicated. Please let the editor know if your article has already been published, or offered for publication, elsewhere.

Please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to discuss a prospective contribution.

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Berkshire Family Historian

The Berkshire Family Historian has been published quarterly for more than 40 years. Every member receives their own copy. Copyright deposit institutions, libraries and institutions around the world receive copies too.

The Berkshire Family Historian is published in A4, and each issue now comprises 36 pages (and a four-page Publications List), printed throughout in two colours.

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What will you find inside?

NEWS Family history news, what's happening in the society and details of future meetings, speakers and events

BRANCHES and RECORD OFFICE Each of the six local branches provides news of future activities.The Berkshire Record Office has a news feature too.

DEVELOPMENTS IN FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH Regular articles help to keep you up to date — from the latest news on DNA testing and its increasingly important role in family history research to websites, and additional content added to them, that can open up new lines of discovery.

FEATURE ARTICLES These include research accounts from members, 'how to' articles, local Berkshire History and reports on specialist archives and collections of interest to family historians and genealogists. 

BOOK AND PRODUCT REVIEWS Latest additions to the Shop are regularly reviewed in the magazine. There's the Publications List too.




The editor welcomes all contributions to the magazine. Prospective contributors should first read Notes for contributors

A copy of each magazine can be viewed online in the Members' Area of this website soon after publication. [Registration is needed to access the Members' Area.]

Previous issues of the magazine can also be found there. A keyword search will also identify articles from earlier magazines in many cases. Be aware that these archived copies are likely to contain information that has since been updated, or superseded.

Non-members may view this sample issue (opens as a PDF in a new window)

Features from past issues

If you wish to contact an individual mentioned in an issue, please contact the editor first. Opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or the views of the society.

All articles contained in the Berkshire Family Historian are the copyright of the contributors, and of the trustees of Berkshire Family History Society, on behalf of the society, unless otherwise stated. Articles may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without obtaining prior written permission from the copyright-holders.

September 2017 (Sample Issue)

(opens as a PDF in a new window)

A (Greenham) common existence
by Penny Stokes

Heritage Open Days

Around the Branches

The synergy of old and new

Projects and publications update

by Vicki Chesterman

The view from next door
by Ivone Turnbull (Berkshire Record Office)

Could this (Green) family bible be yours?

John Loveday of Caversham
by Gillian Clark

Events report
by Margaret Crook

On the move at last!
to Reading Central Library, 2nd floor

Berkshire Genealogy on Facebook
by Catherine Sampson

March 2014

We will remember them

Getting a war memorial project off the ground by Phil Wood

From hansom cabs to tanks by Jane Joslin

Setting up home in the austerity years Part I by Tony Hadland

The war dead of Newbury Grammar School by Judith Thomas

Scottish secrets by Grace Gillions

And the band played on... by Penny Stokes

December 2013

The Seymour family of Poughley Rivers Part II by Tim Seymour

Reasons to be truthful: lies, damned lies and certificates by Penny Stokes

Parson’s piece: the Rev John Sloper (1797 - 1877) of West Woodhay

Hannah Mary Grace Starr (1885 - 1966) by John Starr

Christmas quiz

Thomas Pibworth (1830 - 1874) and the Independent Order of Good Templars by Jane Barrett

Livelihoods on the line at H & P by Keith Jerrome

Heraldry: some common (but wrong) beliefs by Tim Powys-Lybbe

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