A newly completed project provides the starting point for every new publication. Without project work, there would be few if any indexes or transcripts accessible to family historians.

Members and non-members alike are keen to see more Berkshire records in readily accessible form, whether published on CD or available online. For this to happen, committed volunteer project teams are a prerequisite. There is much still to be done and the society is very grateful to all of its members who give their time generously to such work. With additional volunteers, even more is achievable.

Project work is varied, rewarding and seen by many as a chance to return something to family history. Just as today's researchers benefit from the efforts of their predecessors, so future generations will gain from the outputs of project work now in progress.

What jobs need to be done? Tasks can include transcribing original records; producing indexes; checking transcripts and indexes against original records; surveying churchyards; drawing maps and plans; recording and photographing monumental inscriptions; transcribing from filmed or paper copies; and creating finished publications, now most often in CD format. Across this range of varied tasks, measures must also be in place to ensure the accuracy of all data to be published by the society. Not least, every project needs its own co-ordinator with management and organisational skills.

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  • Monumental Inscription projects

    The Society has for the last 20 years been transcribing and publishing the Monumental Inscriptions of Herefordshire.

    The project is nowhere near finished, and there are many more parishes yet to be done.

    Every effort is taken to produce an accurate record as possible, the stones are recorded and then checked by two different persons, preferably on the same day, a plan of the churchyard made, indicating types of monument, and location in the graveyard or inside of the Church.

    Once completed, the data is typed up, printed out and re-checked against the original transcription. An index is then made of the Names and Places mentioned on the stones.

    We are actively seeking more help locally, to actually record and check the transcription, also in the preparation of the site plans, which are published as part of the finding aids on the finished fiche. For anyone who might like to attend, the Herefordshire FHS will be recording MIs at the following graveyards:

    Dates for 2009:


    Dates may be subject to change, please contact our Co-Ordinator Angela Golding for details, on 01432 274438.

    The typing and indexing of the records tends to be done by those doing the actual recording and so we have a small team of volunteers who carry out this task.
    The end result is then published on fiche and will in turn be compiled into another index similar to the recently released CD-ROM of Monumental Inscriptions.
    For details of parishes already completed please see the page.

    If you would like to help with the transcribing, checking and typing of the data please cont

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