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December 1999

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Cover of Family Historian for Dec 2000

The illustration on the cover is of Buscot House, the home of the Loveden family.

See article on 'Sex and Scandal in Berkshire'

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Vol 23 No 2 - December 1999

Editor - John Gurnett

Features . . .

Light in dark places: photographs of prisoners in Reading Gaol by Elizabeth Hughes

Family ancestors by John Gurnett

The X-files by Ralph Bradbury

Biscuits, Beer & Bulbs - Reading's old company records by Tony Corley

Sex & scandal in north Berkshire by John Gurnett

Family reunions by Chris Relf

Publications & Monumental Inscription project by Jocie McBride


The Bulletin

Editorial - Gravestones under attack
Slough Branch Meetings
Paddington train disaster
If it moves, tax it - hat duty
More from the 1881 CDROM
A 1901 Census update
North Moreton
South Moreton
Ain't this sweet - an entry from the 1851 Census
And finally...

Computer Forum by Eddie Spackman

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