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December 2001

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Letter to the Editor

Research Centre from Sue Hedges

There has been some discussion in the website discussion group concerning the limited number of members who use the Research Centre. It seems that while many non-members use the facilities few members take the opportunity to visit what must be one of the best society research centres outside London in south-cast England.

I would suggest that one of the main reasons is because there is absolutely no reference to its existence, address, times of opening, search facilities, mentioned in the Berkshire Family Historian. I have looked in the March and June 2001 editions and the only reference I can find is to the occasional Computer Surgeries and the big book sale (sale of big books or big sale of books?). Both adverts for Computer Surgeries take up a whole page, if this was reduced to half a page there would be space to include details of the normal opening times etc. of the Centre. I appreciate that details can be obtained from but I suspect only a tiny proportion of BFHS members are on the Internet. In the circumstances I think members could be forgiven for simply not remembering that the Centre exists.

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