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December 2001

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Letter to the Editor

Wiltshire Wills project from Joyce Williams, Kirton, Boston

I read with interest the article on the Wiltshire Wills project by Lucy Jefferis, as Margery Williams of Baydon, Wiltshire (one of the examples given) is in my late husband's family tree. Margery obviously made her codicil after William (her husband) died in November 1796 aged 90. William and Margery had seven sons and two daughters and lived at Baydon Farm, Wiltshire. William, like his father, was a churchwarden at Baydon church, and his name is inscribed on one of the bells. Gideon and his wife Joanne are buried in the Williams' family vault underneath the chancel. Also interred in the vault are William, his wife Margery and their fifth son Francis. None of their other sons are mentioned. They do seem to have all been a long-lived family as Gideon, William's father, lived to 80 and one of William's grandsons was 79 when he died. The Williams family in Baydon originally came from Lambourn in Berkshire and some of them were still there in the 1881 census, so if anyone in Berkshire is interested I have a family tree from the early seventeenth century.

Thank you for your interesting publication, instantly devoured as soon as it comes through the letter box, but a special thank you to Lucy Jefferis of the Wiltshire Record Office.

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