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Berkshire Marriage Index

Sue Matthews

The development of a marriage index database searchable by both bride and groom is due to the enterprise and hard work of a few members of the Society’s Vale of White Horse Branch. This gap in our records was identified when the Branch started only four years ago and shows the difference that a small number of dedicated members can make. They were initially disappointed to find that Oxford Family History Society was already indexing their area of north Berkshire, now part of Oxfordshire, but nevertheless decided to continue. The group started transcribing in libraries. The process quickened when they managed to borrow films and fiche and the relevant readers and began to transcribe at home. Some film readers not being rotatable made this easy task far more difficult — neck ache was an occupational hazard. Later another group based around Reading started checking the transcriptions against the original registers held at the Berkshire Record Office. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help the project should email or write to the Projects Co-ordinator at Yeomanry House.

At the time of writing (Oct 2002), more than 95,000 entries have been transcribed and over 39,000 records have been checked. Work continues on preparing further batches for inclusion in the Index. Parishes in north Berkshire that were in the ancient county of Berkshire, but now in Oxfordshire, are on the North Berkshire Marriage Index compiled by Oxfordshire Family History Society. We offer a postal search service of the Berkshire Marriage Index:

See details at or in the current issue of the Berkshire Family Historian. It should be remembered that an index is a research tool. In work of this nature some errors will inevitably remain, and the writing in old, sometimes damaged, registers is open to differing interpretations. We recommend that after using the index you refer to the registers yourselves. The parishes and periods that have been transcribed are given at; checked entries are in bold type. This list will be updated regularly in the magazine and on the website.

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