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Letter to the Editor

from Eric Saxton, Bracknell, Berkshire. Please respond to

Was Frogley Cox a catholic?

While reading Tony Hadland’s article, ‘Catholic recusancy in Berkshire’, in the last issue of Berkshire Family Historian, two words, Buckland and Woolhampton, leapt from the page. Was this the clue I have been looking for?

For two years I have been recording monumental inscriptions in East Ilsley, and also writing short biographies of former characters, one of whom was Frogley Cox (1755-1826), whose story contains several unknowns. His carved headstone and footstone stand in isolation on the west side of the churchyard near the supposed place of earlier plague burials. However, he was obviously well regarded, as his epitaph records:

‘He was a truly honest Man
for nearly thirty years
a faithful Servant
the person who has placed this stone
as a
Memorial of his worth’

Yet, despite this, it is not known who placed the stone and employed Frogley, nor is the nature of that employment known. Furthermore, his burial is not recorded in the East Ilsley registers. Frogley Cox was born and baptised at Buckland on August 24 1755, and later married at Woolhampton on September 27 1777. Both ceremonies were recorded in the Anglican registers. Is it too much of a coincidence that he moved from Buckland to Woolhampton to East Ilsley? Could he have been one of those servants or estate workers mentioned in the last paragraph of Tony Hadland’s article?

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