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December 2002

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Research Centre News

by Cliff Debney

In August we began making alterations in the Research Centre. The coat rack has been moved to the entrance hall and in the lobby, having repositioned the fridge and kettle, we installed two sets of six lockers, making 12 in all. These lockers are now to be used for personal belongings except those papers needed for research. A clear plastic wallet is available in each locker into which your research papers can be placed and at the end of your visit the empty wallet should be returned to the locker for the next user.

We have also made changes on the first floor. The small Reference library, commonly called the NBI Room, is now used for Society administration and is no longer available to members. All the fiche ring binders containing the IGI and other loose fiche such as parish register indexes, are now to be found on the bottom shelf of the census book stack. The remaining uncomputerised Berkshire Name Index slips, the Members’ Interests and Surname files are in the reorganised main library.

The large census book stack now holds all census material, ranging from 1841 to 1891, except that in electronic form which is on the ground floor, and the Berkshire Census films 1851-1881 stored by the film reader. All other fiche issued in card pockets, e.g. by ourselves and West Surrey FHS, are found in the relevant county book stack.

Judith Morgan-Russell has been appointed Research Centre Assistants Co-ordinator, in other words she now arranges the rosters for the eighty or so volunteers required each month, without whom the Research Centre cannot open. I know she will be pleased to welcome new Research Centre Assistants to enlarge the pool of volunteers. To help both new and established Research Centre Assistants, we are now holding regular training sessions. The computerisation of the Berkshire Name Index is continuing apace and it is anticipated it will be fully available electronically by Easter. Meanwhile those slips which have been computerised are now available electronically.

The two autumn courses of Family History Classes held in the Centre, run by Carolyn and Barry Boulton were fully subscribed and bookings for the first course of the new year, starting in January, are coming in fast.

Library acquisitions, Jean Herbert, Research Centre Librarian

This is my first attempt to bring to your attention what is being added to the library stock. There are some 7000+ items in book, fiche, film, and electronic forms, and about 4000 of them do not relate to Berkshire. I am this time highlighting Berkshire, but hope in following issues to draw to your attention to material from other counties and from overseas. The Reference Library Catalogue has been revised and there is a new printed edition, which will shortly be available on computer.

Parish registers

North Berkshire - these have been transcribed by the Oxfordshire FHS. They have been on sale for a number of years. Recently we did a complete check of what has been published and what the library has in stock. There are still gaps where transcriptions have not been done.

The new additions to stock are:

Abingdon Workhouse - deaths:
Aston Tirrold Presbyterian (U R C):
Compton Beauchamp:
Cholsey 1851-2001:
Cumnor 1754-1948:
Kingston Lisle:
Letcombe Bassett to 1997:
Letcombe Regis:
Shrivenham — baptisms:
Stanford in the Vale:
Wantage Union Workhouse:
Wantage - burials 1813-1935:
Wantage - baptisms 1813-1946:
Wantage - baptisms 1538- 1704:
Wantage - baptisms, marriages and burials 1705-1813:

These are in the Berkshire Parish Register fiche files (folders). A-L and M-Z and are shelved in the Berkshire section of the library.

Rest of Berkshire

These are new to our shelves and are the first of our transcriptions. As the fiche are in folders which contain other information about the Parish, they have been put together in a pamphlet box and are shelved in the Berkshire section of the library.

Burghfield, St Mary the Virgin 1559-1987:
Clewer St Andrew 1607-1860:
Compton (Compton Parva) 1553-1955:
East Ilsley 1608-1884:
West Ilsley 1558-1967:
Theale 1832-1968.

Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions

These are now available in the library in fiche form. However there are some in booklet (loose leaf) form, which have been donated to us by the transcribers.


1841 Census: Berkshire transcripts and indexes - new to the library:

vol 10 - Hormer, Ock Hundreds and Abingdon
vol 11 - Moreton, Wallingford and Wantage Hundreds:
vol 12 - Faringdon, Shrivenham and Ganfield Hundreds.

1851 Census: Berkshire index and transcripts - these will be available in the library by December.

1861-1871 Census: these cover Abingdon, Faringdon and Wallingford registration districts and are indexes only.

Census - all fiche census are arranged by county and shelved together on the Census fiche shelves.

We realise that the labelling is poor at present, but we hope to rectify this shortly.

Berkshire Overseers Papers

These are in the Berkshire section in a pamphlet box.

Books about Berkshire places

The new ones cover the following areas:

Abingdon, Ascot, Cheapside, Compton, Cookham, Didcot, East Garston, The Hagbournes, Kintbury, Mortimer, Newbury, Thatcham, Wallingford, Wantage, Windsor, Wokingham and Bracknell.

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