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Responses to these appeals for help or a follow-up to the letters should be eMailed to eMail address for Editor

Chastell's Coaches from Olive J Samuel (Letter - Dec 2003)
William Ludlow from Margaret Ludlow (Letter - Dec 2003)
Anthony Bacon
by Tanya Searle (Help Wanted - Dec 2003)

Where were you on D-Day? from John Davies (Letter - Sep 2003)
Where were you on D-Day? from Keith Armstrong (Letter - Sep 2003)
Simons family by M Simons (Help Wanted - Sep 2003)
The origins of the name Nicholson-Lailey by Ursula Davis (Help Wanted - Sep 2003)

about Farm service from Capt. Geoff Davis (Letter  - Jun 2003)
about Black Britons from Michael Robbins (Letter  - Jun 2003)
about Black Britons from Valerie Batt-Rawden (Letter  - Jun 2003)
about A distant shore from Joy Conroy (Letter  - Jun 2003)
about Broadmoor Hospital from Marian Lanham (Letter  - Jun 2003)

BARRETT family by David A. Barrett (Help - Mar 2003)
George Ellborough by Mrs. J. Cooke (Help - Mar 2003)
George Henry Price by Mrs. Diane Johansen (Help - Mar 2003)
Grandad Barrett — the grandad I never knew by Heather McGuinness (Help - Mar 2003)
Hawthorn/Horthan by Roy Smith (Help - Mar 2003)
Henry Silvester and Alice Blanders by Peter Silvester (Help - Mar 2003)
John Mildenhall by David Mildenhall (Help - Mar 2003)

... about 'Bastardy in Berkshire' from Joan Simpson Trussell (Letter  - Mar 2003)
... about 'Frogley Cox' from Geoffrey Frogley (Letter  - Mar 2003)
... about 'Members’ interests' from Eileen Barnes (Letter  - Mar 2003)
... about 'Oldest reader' from Mrs. Patricia Ford (Letter  - Mar 2003)
... about 'Political article' from Mrs M. Harvey

Was Frogley Cox a catholic? from Eric Saxton (Letter - Dec 2002)
Strays in Norfolk Independent Church Register from Pat Mason (Letter - Dec 2002)

Register of Barges and their Owners by Debra Orgill (Letter - Sep 2002)
CHESLIN family from David Critchley (Letter - Sep 2002)
SARGEANT by Barbara Green (Help - Sep 2002)
Richard GOUGH by Allan Gough (Help - Sep 2002)
William SLEATH by Graham Sleath (Help - Sep 2002)
George Houstoun REID by Patricia Ford (Help - Sep 2002)

WOOD Family of Reading by Mrs C Wood (Help - Jun 2002)
POVEY and 'An appeal for a mangle' from Pauline Houldey (Letter - Jun 2002)
Jewish Ancestry from Mrs. A. Merritt (Letter - Jun 2002)
Reading Borough Police registers at Sulhamstead from John Bowley (Letter - Jun 2002)

CHESLIN by Frank Whitchall (Help - Mar 2002)
DREAPER of Buckland by Bernard Hammond (Help - Mar 2002)
ELLIOTT by Sandie Page (Help - Mar 2002)
COLLIERS of Yattendon from Syd Quartermain (Letter - Mar 2002)
‘Lord’ George SANGER from Julie Goddard and Valerie Alasia (Letters - Mar 2002)
Research Centre from Colin Brown (Letter - Mar 2002)
William John POVEY from Mr. G.M.Povey (Letter - Mar 2002)

William John DAVIS/DAVIES born May 7 1883 in or near Maidenhead by Gaile Statkus, (Help - Dec 2001)
'Lord' George SANGER from Edward H. Cohen (Letter - Dec 2001)
Research Centre from Sue Hedges (Letter - Dec 2002)
Members' Interests (BROWNJOHN) from Carol Jackaman (Letter - Dec 2001)
Appleford Parish Register Transcripts from Hugh Kearsey (Letter -Dec 2001)
Wiltshire Record Office from Jean Nicholls (Letter - Dec 2001)
Wiltshire Wills project from Joyce Williams (Letter - Dec 2001)

Honorary membership from Irene Littleby (Letter - Sep 2001)
GRO certificates from Ken Skinner (Letter -Sep 2001)
Have you lost Sarah HAINES? from Pat Slatcher (Letter - Sep 2001)

NEVILLEs of Hampshire and Berkshire from Guy Nevill (Letter - Jun 2001)
Henry Froom BECK from K.O. Beck (Letter - Jun 2001)
William 'Willie' WIMMERA from Ralph Sanderson (Letter - Jun 2001)

Bucklebury by Mrs. Margaret Turner (Help - Mar 2001)
SILVESTER family by Ruth Noyes (Help - Mar 2001)
TWINCH family by Carol Twinch (Help - Mar 2001)
Jane AUSTEN and indenture between HARRYS, SHERWOOD and BATEMAN from Bridget Duckenfield (Letter - Mar 2001)
Index of Marriages produced by Mrs. John Hautenville Cope from Mrs. Valerie Kearey (Letter -Mar 2001)

Family connections resident in Maidenhead 1890 to 1950 from Mrs. A.L. Wolno, Hove (Help - Dec 2000)
WATTS family by Janet Crabbe (Help - Dec 2000)
HALFACRE family by Mrs. Janet Holley (Help - Dec 2000)
Prince Consort's Windsor Association an update by Julie Goddard (Help - Dec 2000)
Lt. A.H. PERKINS by Coral Mist (Letter - Dec 2000)
The article 'Reflections' from Joan Wheeler (Letter - Dec 2000)
Archibald Stewart DODD from Mrs. Pat Bayliss (Letter - Dec 2000)

Elizabeth Simpson Award from Elizabeth Simpson (Letter - Sep 2000)

Charles BENWELL c.1748/9 by Mrs. Carol Angus (Help - Mar 2000)
Home Guard photographs - are they from Berkshire? by Anita Flint (Help - Mar 2000)

LOVEGROVE, WAIT & HOPKINS by Mrs. Monica Baker (Help - Mar 2000)
Movers and stayers in nineteenth-century Abingdon from Fred Waite (Letter - Mar 2000)
The X-files from Anon (Letter - Mar 2000)

The identity of my grandfather xxx KING by Christine Kendell (Help - Sep 1999)
Alice Beatrice LELLIOTT by Mrs. Pat Smith (Help - Sep 1999)

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