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June 2000

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The illustration is of David Embery.
He is referred to in the article on 'Reading Lives'

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The opinions expressed are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editor or the Society.

Vol 23 No 4 - June 2000

Editor - John Gurnett

Features . . .

Reading Lives by Javier Pes
Reading Museum Service's Oral History Collection

Maidenhead Library sources by Judith Mitchell
Sources for family historians

Netting your ancestors by Eddie Spackman
Putting your family on the Internet

From ag lab to County Constable by Carolyn Boulton
The rise of a family from Hurley

Education in Langford and Little Faringdon 1858-1918 by Miriam James
The history of two village schools

Baptism of a new magazine, in a new font by Sally Pellow
The Elizabeth Simpson Award for 1999 was presented to the Berkshire Family Historian

Fleet Air Arm pilot killed in France by John Gurnett

Reflections: A Phoenix for the family by J.F.B.

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