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June 2002

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Letter to the Editor -
Jewish Ancestry

from Mrs. A. Merritt, Coventry (please respond by eMail to)

I was interested in the article in the December issue of the Berkshire Family Historian on 'Jewish genealogy'. My son-in-law has a Jewish immigrant in his family and I have carried out detailed research on them.

It was difficult as there had been an estrangement in the family and nothing was known as to when and where the immigrant came to England. There are no baptismal records for Jews although there may be details of circumcision ceremonies; there is nothing for girls until they get married. I found a will which was very helpful and I was allowed to consult a marriage register at a Midlands synagogue.

My research took me to Liverpool just at the time when Lloyd Webber's Open Door policy became effective and Liverpool synagogue was one of only two in the country open under the scheme. It is worth a visit. I have been twice to Liverpool for family history and stayed at the University as part of a Saga holiday there. I transcribe parish registers and found baptized at Holy Trinity, Coventry, on March 9, 1762 'Jacob Wolfe late a Jew of the Tribe of Levi'. Just for interest I searched for possible connections but there were no other references.

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