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Letter to the Editor -
Reading Borough Police registers at Sulhamstead

from John Bowley, Maidenhead, Berkshire (please respond by eMail to)

Whilst checking the Public Record Office website, and in particular the demonstration pages for the 1901 census, my attention was caught by data taken from the 1891 census for Norfolk which the PRO was using to promote its service; in this they appear to have been only too successful!

The name George Blanch jogged my memory; I had seen this name whilst indexing the police records at Sulhamstead (see the March edition of the Berkshire Family Historian). George's family had been used as an example to illustrate the use of the census records; they lived at Hockering, a small village west of Norwich. George had joined the Reading Police in January 1899 aged 23, giving his place of residence as Morton - which is near Hockering. In the 1891 census his age is given as 15, which ties up well.

In fact quite a few recruits to the Reading Police came from Norfolk, and for some reason several came from County Limerick in Ireland, perhaps word of mouth comes into play here with recruits extolling the quality of life in the force when writing home? I have now enlarged the index of the Police records to 350 names by extending it up to the year 1902; a task for the future is to try to take it back to the foundation of the Force in 1836.

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