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June 2003

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Computing Activities
by Eddie Spackman

Workshops and Seminars. We are having a break in the programme for the summer but will be re-starting in September. Details will be advertised in the September issue of this journal or can be read on our website at <>. Please let Gillian Stevens know of specific topics you would like covered; she can be contacted on 0118 947 8743 or at .

Questions on any aspect of computing for family historians can be raised on Tuesday evenings 19.00-21.30 or on the 2nd Sunday of each month 14.00-16.00 at the Research Centre when ‘experts’ will be on duty to answer them.

1901 Census Search and Report. This is a reminder that we can produce reports from the 1901 on-line index for specific surnames in which individuals are grouped into households. For rare surnames the cost is 5 for one surname which can cover all of England and Wales. For more common surnames returns may only be supplied for two small counties or one large county. Full details were published at page 169 of the March journal. If you have any enquiries about this service please contact or write to Eddie at the Research Centre.

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