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June 2003

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Letter to the Editor

Capt. Geoff Davis Middlesex

Farm service

Once again the magazine arrived at a most appropriate time to lift my spirits. In particular I found the article on ‘Farm service’ to be very interesting as the Davis family that I have been researching originally lived in the villages of Ashampstead and Boxford. Clearly they were all farm workers and must have been involved in the type of employment described in the article. The families were in nearly all cases large, around eight or more children, and almost certainly needed for the older children to have become employed as soon as possible to reduce the number of mouths to feed at home.

Similar arrangements certainly operated in the cities in the second half of the nineteenth century when the children of my great grandfather went into service of one form or another as soon as they could. My great great grandfather was the first of the family to move from Boxford in the 183 os or 1840 s to Birmingham, followed by his next brother, the remainder of that generation, eight children, apparently continuing in Berkshire. My grandfather, who was the eldest child, was employed as a junior gardener and that was where he met his wife who was employed in a similar domestic role. The 1901 census shows his youngest brother similarly 'farmed out'. Thank you for such an interesting magazine.

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