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March 2001

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Computer Steering Group

Eddie Spackman

Many readers will be aware that this Group was reconvened last May and considers the operation of any computer related activity of the Society. Some are obvious: the computer suite at the Research Centre, the website, the eMail discussion group, projects using computers and workshops or meetings for members. Less obvious is the database for the bookstall and its stock control, our intention of 'being a stall holder' at GenFair and the proposed database for the Berkshire Name Index.

We have now reviewed all the computing activities of the Society and organised the Workshops and Surgeries that you see advertised elsewhere in this journal. Our meetings are in two parts with 'business' in the first part followed by a demonstration or discussion.

In order to continue our activities, to start new ones and to avoid all the work filling to the same small group of people we need more supporters. We are especially in need of people who are willing to lead all or part of a Workshop and to answer technical questions at the Surgeries. These are the main ways in which the Society can now support and help those who rarely if ever use the Internet. If you have a computing skill and are prepared to give some of your time to the Society (even as Secretary to the Group) please come to a meeting (held every six to eight weeks and advertised on the website) or to a Surge or email the Computer Steering Group.

Open Days and Conferences. The Group will have a computer area at the Society Open Day at Abingdon on Saturday, 19th May 2001. We are also involved with the joint SoG/Berkshire FHS Computer Conference being planned for Saturday, 20th April 2002 at Theale Green Community School.

Email Discussion Group. This group is for the benefit of all members of the Society with access to the Internet. Some still do not realise that it's not just for those with 'Berkshire Interests' but for all those who wish to exchange views on any family history interest or relevant computing topic. Quite a number of us (including me) have no known ancestor from this part of the world. There are over 240 members in the Group and you can subscribe by email to join the Discussion Group giving your name and membership number. We exchange about 30 messages a week in winter and 10 in summer. All 'surname interests' posted to the Group are also put on the website.

Website. Our website at has undergone a substantial 'make-over' and improvement in the last six months. The site includes our publications and sections on the Research Centre and each of the branches. Recently we have introduced the index of the volumes in which each name in the 1851 Census of Berkshire appears and a list of 'members' interests'. If you would like to submit information or have ideas for the website then email the webmaster.

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