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Help Wanted

TWINCH family

Carol Twinch, Saxmundham, Suffolk

For about 90 years, from the 1780s to the 1870s, the TWINCH family ran what became The Royal Brewery (in Peascod Street, New Windsor), and for some of that time acted as victuallers at The Ship public house in Church Lane, New Windsor. Frederick TWINCH, joint owner of Twinch's Brewery, was elected Mayor of Windsor in 1848 and was on the Finance Committee that supported the building of the first Windsor railway. The Brewery is listed in 1869 as 'Brewers & maltsters to Her Majesty & The Royal Family'. Sheila de Bellaigue highlighted the difficulties of getting information from the Royal Archives in the December issue of the Berkshire Family Historian, and there is nothing at all about the Brewery in Windsor Library.

But can anybody help with The Ship? Did it cease to function as a public house, or was it renamed, and does it still exist? Ownership of the Brewery and The Ship was split between the children of the founder, John TWINCH, in 1814, and was run for a time by a widowed daughter, Priscilla AMBLER, and then by John BURNHAM, the brother-in-law of Frederick (the Mayor) who had married Arm BURNHAM in 1832. I am also hoping to find out something of the relationship of the Windsor Mayor to the Castle and wonder if anyone could point to any published source. How important was Frederick TWINCH's mayorship to the Brewery, or was there a strict divide between the Castle and the Town? Twinch's Brewery was taken over in the 1870s by John CANNING when Frederick's two sons, Frederick and John, sold out and emigrated to America. There is a mention in the family papers that Frederick was involved in an 'unfortunate incident', but so far I have not been able to discover what it could have been. Various members of the TWINCH family were involved in Windsor's commercial and public life during the nineteenth century, but so far little evidence has come my way. Can anybody help?


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