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March 2001

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Letter to the Editor

Index of Marriages produced by Mrs. John Hautenville Cope

Mrs. Valerie Kearey, Reading

I was interested to read in the December issue of the Berkshire Family Historian the item on the index of marriages produced by Mrs. John Hautenville Cope. She lived at Sulhampstead Park, and before she married was Emma Elizabeth Thoyts. During her life she collected much information on Berkshire, but her interest does not seem to have stopped there. Her collection (or at least some of it) is held at the Reading Local Studies Library. Included in the 25 items listed are:

Annals of a Country Churchyard during 15o years 1602-1750, written in 1893

Book of parishioners of Sulhampstead (1891-1893)

Complete transcript of the Sulhampstead Bannister parish registers

History of the Royal Berkshire militia

Index to parish registers (including Phillimore's) 1900. This includes handwritten notes with clippings of the indexes in other parts of England.


I have copies of marriages for Bradfield 1559-1812, East llsley 1654-1811, Hurst 1585-1607 and 1633-1812, Purley 1662-1753, Ruscombe 1559-1812, and Yattendon 1559-1812. I will look up these indexes for anybody interested in these parishes. Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Another useful source is the journals of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Archaeological Society. They contain some old wills and Feet of Fines. They can also be found at Reading Library.

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