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Help Wanted about 'Cheslin'

by Frank Whitchall, Edinburgh (responses by eMail toeMail address for editor)

My problem concerns a father and son with the surname of Cheslin, both called Thomas. The father matriculated on November 27 1652 at St. John's College, Oxford and was Rector of Foxcote or Foscott, Berkshire. His son graduated from New Inn Hall, Oxford in 1687 and was vicar at Thornborough, and Padbury, Buckinghamshire in 1691 and 1715 respectively. I believe that Thomas Cheslin, senior, married Dorothie Whitchall, daughter of Robert Whitchall of Addington, Buckinghamshire. My problem is that I have been unable to find Foxcote or Foscott, the reference given in Alumnii Oxoniensis. Can anybody shed any light on either place or the Cheslins? A friend of mine believes that the village may have been absorbed into a larger town like Wokingham.

There is a Foxcott in Buckinghamshire and given the family's association with that county I would suspect that they did come from Buckinghamshire, rather than Berkshire. Ed.

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