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Help Wanted about 'Dreaper'

by Bernard Hammond, Epping, Essex (responses by eMail toeMail address for editor)

I have been researching a family by the name of Dreaper who were prominent in the village of Buckland around the turn of the eighteenth century. George Dreaper was the village blacksmith and he was born in 1751 and buried at Buckland in 1826. George married Elizabeth Giles, also from Buckland, in 1775 and they had 12 children. One of the sons, George, married Mary Hall and it is from them that I am descended. George junior, like his father, was also a blacksmith. It is after 1850 to 1860 that the original family is difficult to trace. I seems as if they disappeared from Buckland except my grandmother, Clara Dreaper, and her brother who arrived in Essex in the late nineteenth century, but the rest of the family have completely disappeared. One problem is that the name Dreaper is often interpreted as Draper on official documents, a much more common name. Mary Ann Sadler and Mary Ann Gough also married into the Dreaper family. Any help or information would be appreciated.

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