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Help Wanted about 'ELLIOTT'

by Sandie Page, Towcester, Northants. Respond by eMail toeMail address for editor.

I first started researching my family history as part of a school project some years ago; it started me on the endless road to finding out more about my ancestors. I spent some time looking for my great-grandparents marriage without any success; I had found the relevant census returns, purchased copies of their children's birth certificates, all except the eldest child, George. All the certificates gave the mother as Joyce ELLIOTT, formerly SLADE, unusual name - it should be easy. My father was insistent they would have had to be married, but of course as I soon realised, not necessarily to each other.

I found that Joyce was actually married to Thomas MASON at Bracknell on November 2, 1857. They then had four children between 1859 and 1866, and the youngest was George. This came as a bit of a surprise, so I double checked all my information, having earlier found Joyce living at home with her parents and siblings in the 1841 census for Holmer Green. I had her father's name and eldest brother who was a witness at the marriage to Thomas; it most certainly was my great-grandmother, living with Thomas and their family in the 1861 census for Winkfield. The 1871 census showed Thomas and three children, but no Joyce or George. The census for Eton in 1871 gives Edward and Joyce ELLIOTT with their son George and daughter Elizabeth.

Assuming that in the 1800s divorce was not an option for the labouring class, a change of county seemed the only way out. I find it amazing that this secret had been kept for so many years; I would love to find out more about Mary, Alice and Thomas who stayed with their father in Warfield. Have any other members come across a similar experience? Can anyone offer advice as to how 1 can confirm my great-grandfather's birth details without the name of his father? I have found an Edward ELLIOTT born around the correct time, not in Lambeth Hill/Beech Hill, Berkshire as he stated on the census, but in Tadley, Hampshire.

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