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Colliers of Yattendon

from Syd Quartermain, Tarvin, Chester

I am trying to find if there are any relatives of Richard (Dick) Collier and Elizabeth (Bessy) Quarterman. They lived at Yattendon at the time of Bessy's death. I believe they had twins, Richard and Diane. Bessy was born around 1903 at Peasemore, and died sometime between the wars. None of the family seem to know what happened to the children after the death of their mother. I was told by a cousin some years ago that Dick Collier had either one or both legs amputated. The reason for me trying to find any descendants is that during the summer the last of my cousins from Oxford died and her son has sent me some old photographs that belonged to his grandmother (my aunt). Since I contacted the BFHS discussion group I have been given more old photographs of my grandmother with the girls (all three together). I have also found out which is which aunt in the photograph.

I would also like to know if there is anybody interested in a George Brooks or a Harriet Prince. Harriet was born around 1842 possibly at Leckhamstead. I am also trying to track down an ancestor with the Christian name of Aubrey, born around 1914.

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