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William John Povey

from Mr. G.M.Povey, Chesham, Buckinghamshire

I was very interested to read the article by Pauline Houldey in the September issue on ‘An appeal for a mangle’. My great-grandfather was William John Povey, the elder brother of Letitia, Pauline’s great-grandmother. I have only been researching my family history for a few months, but I also found Hannah Povey (née Havell) of interest. The birth certificate of William John Povey shows his mother as Ellen Povey, nee Havell, who lived at 3 Gas Court, Friar Street, although his baptism record shows his mother as Hannah, also resident at Gas Court. I may be able to provide an answer to Pauline’s question regarding Hannah’s future. In the 1871 census I found William at 12 Chatham Street, Reading, along with two younger brothers, shown as sons of John and Hannah Langham. She is shown as a common wife, although whether or not she married John is unknown at this stage. The same family appears at 27 Chatham Street in the 1881 census, but without William who was by then married. Intriguingly John’s wife is shown as Ellen Langham, birthplace Woodcote, Oxon., the same place as Hannah. I haven’t yet checked her birth certificate to see whether she had two Christian names.

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