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‘Lord’ George Sanger

from Julie Goddard, Newbury, Berkshire

My thanks to Mr. Edward H. Cohen for pointing out that the Sherlock Holmes story ‘The Veiled Lodger’ contains a supposed description of ‘Lord’ George Sanger; I must read it. I wonder if other readers know that the first Sherlock Holmes story ‘A Study in Scarlet’, published in 1887, reflects the widespread fear and condemnation of many for the Mormon Church at that time.


from Valerie Alasia, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

My thanks go to Edward H. Cohen of Florida for his letter in the December issue of the Historian concerning 'Lord' George Sanger. When the original article appeared in the September 2000 issue I took little interest, as I thought it had little to do with me. But to my astonishment, I have since learnt through contact through the members' interests lists, that my maternal great-greatgrandmother was involved with the older brother, John Sanger, to the extent that he is said to be the father of the three children which she brought into her eventual marriage with my great-grandfather.

So it was with the greatest interest that I returned to the original article by Julie Goddard and was also delighted to find the photograph of the Sanger family grave at Margate - a post-war holiday place for me. If only I had then known who was buried there and his connection (what my family would have called a socket-hole relation' - is that Bedfordshire-speak?).

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