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Berkshire Family Historian
March 2003

Help wanted about 'Henry Silvester and Alice Blanders' by Peter Silvester. Please respond to

I note the request for assistance from Ruth Noyes of Stafford concerning Henry Silvester and Alice Blanders in the March, 2001 issue of the Berkshire Family Historian. I have a tree which goes back from the 1880s to this couple.

I believe that Henry was born at Sunningwell c.1679. I have no information about a Hinton Waldrist connection. I have nothing about the antecedents of this couple but can offer further research about their son John (born 1765 at Sunningwell) who married Mary Rogers (born 1707 Wytham). That Rogers branch goes back through father William (born 1671 Wytham) and his wife Mary(?) born c.1707 at Wytham and his father Robert Rogers (born 1639 also at Wytham) and his wife Martha (?) born 1649 at Wytham. This Rogers branch might be interesting to Ruth Noyes. I, too, would be interested in the parents of either Henry Silvester (1679-1731) or Alice Blanders (1683-1721).

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