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Berkshire Family Historian
March 2003

Letter to the Editor about 'Frogley Cox' from Geoffrey Frogley, South Australia

Just a quick note in response to the letter on Frogley Cox in the last edition of the Berkshire Family Historian. Very few of the Frogley’s were Catholic or remained Catholic, and most have emigrated since. It would seem that earlier they were associated with the Hyde and Fettiplace families, who also had Catholic connections in some quarters. During the English Civil War I suspect the families were Royalists, presumably fighting with the Hydes. Fragmentation of the family occurred after this time when it seems they settled in the area where they had ended their time with the military. Some family members moved directly from Berkshire to London, but most came from the fragmented lines in counties around the metropolis.

Frogley Cox I would suspect worked for the (Catholic) Throckmortons at Buckland Park Estate. My ancestor, James Frogley of Alley farm, Denchworth, married Helen Chare of Buckland. It is said by the family that Helen’s mother was a Throckmorton — but this has not been proven. The late Dr. Ralph Frogley of Salt Lake City has submitted his Frogley research to the LDS church, but it is badly flawed. It was compiled by Brian Leese, who I understand from Ralph was one of LDS members in London. Research ceased in the 1970s after Ralph’s brother had an argument on the phone with Brian over length of time to send reports and the cost. From the copies of the reports, Brian did not consult any Catholic registers or undertake any extensive research in and around Oxford. Richard Frogley of Oxford married Elizabeth Phillipson de Connor at the London Portuguese Embassy. It would seem from a history that he compiled on the family, donated to the University, that she was one of the sub-members of the Portuguese Royal family another connection, I would think, with Catholicism.

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