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September 1999

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The illustration on the cover relates to the article 'Movers and stayers in 19th century Abingdon'

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Vol 23 No 1 - September 1999

Editor - John Gurnett

Feature Articles

The Jerome Chronicles Family life through half a millenium by Barry Jerome

Centenarians found on the CD ROM of the 1881 Census

Movers and stayers in 19th century Abingdon by Mike Robbins

Reading Local Studies Library news by Margaret Smith

A tax for all seasons - the seventeenth century Hearth Tax by John Gurnett

Berkshire War Memorial Project - an update by Alan Hutchins

A rare rhyming will

Computer Forum by Eddie Spackman

The Bulletin

Editorial - the 1901 Census
Chairman's Notes
Sandhurst - missing baptisms uncovered
Soldiers Who Died in the Great War 1914-1919
An unusual entry from the 1871 Census
Parish relief fraud
Family Records Centre
And finally ...

Help Wanted

- Alice Beatrice LELLIOT

Minutes of the 24th Annual General Meeting


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