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A rare rhyming will

This will by John Hedges was found in the PCC probate registry dated May 5, 1737. It was proved by his brother Charles Hedges on July 13, 1737.

This 5th day of May
Being Airy and Gay
To Hipp not inclined
But of vigorous mind
And my Body in Health
I'le dispose of my Wealth
And of all I'm to leave
On this side of the grave
To some one or other
I think to my Brother
But because I foresaw
That my Brethren-in-Law
If I did not take care
Would come in for a share
Which I noe ways intended
Till their manners were mended
(And of that God knows there's no Sign)
I do therefore Enjoyn
And do strickly command
Witness my hand
That nought I have got
Be brought in Hatch Pott
But I give and devise
As much as in me lyes
To the son of my Mother
Mine own dear Brother
To have and to hold
All my silver and gold
As the affectionate Pledges
of his Brother John Hedges

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