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Elizabeth Simpson Award for 1999

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Letters to the Editor

Elizabeth Simpson, Tollerton, Nottingham

Elizabeth Simpson Award

Each year I like to send a congratulatory letter to the winner of the Award and today 1 have just read the June issue of the Berkshire with the piece by Sally Pellow.

First of all then, my congratulations to you and your team on a finely produced magazine which justifiably won this year's award against the high quality of the runners up. 1 had already enjoyed reading them all and agreed with the judging committee and now here is a lovely piece which explains 'how' you won. I had thought when reading it that it was a very polished entrant and I wasn't looking at the content, but the presentation. Thirty years have done a very great deal for publishing in general and I thought how far we had all come from the Gestetner issues of the 1970's. I went out recently to look for a typewriter only to be told that no one buys them any more, it is all computers and their close cousins. I was shown a machine and sat for a whole hour just reading the operating instructions. I found that I could follow it until about page 20 and thereafter I was left totally bewildered - it was a magnificent desk-top-publisher. I realised at once that if you sat someone in front of it who could actually understand how it worked, you could come up with the most fantastic publication, which is exactly what you have all done for Berkshire. It is an enormous credit to you all. I applaud the fact that you have a bunch of people working on the production, not just one Almighty Editor, and that you got together with youngsters at your University Typographical Department and used their young brains and ideas to help you come up with a positive magazine which your members must look forward to receiving. Add to all this the quality of the writing and variety of subject matter which you are able to use and you come up with a real winner.

Please give my congratulations to all concerned and wish them continued success for the future.

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