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A word from our chairman

Chad Hanna

As the incoming chairman of our Society my first pleasant task is to thank the outgoing chairman, Ivan Dickason, for his leadership and dedication over the past few years, particularly with the move of the Research Centre into its new home next to the Berkshire Record Office. This is not my first stint as chairman, but the rapid changes in the way that research is carried out (with a much greater use of the Internet) means my experience in computer technology will be even more important in the years to come.

As I write this, in July, I'm looking forward to my first Executive Meeting for several years and helping to form and carry out plans for the future of our Society.

At the tabletop book sale at the Research Centre in early July I was reminded once again of a problem we face within the County. Someone came along to the book sale and said something to the effect of, 'I haven't joined your Society because I've no Berkshire interests.' Several of us immediately replied, 'Join the club! We've no Berkshire interests either!' (To be truthful, I do have a distant cousin, Watson Failes, who managed to die while he was vicar of Ashbury in the west of the County). Needless to say, after showing our visitor around the vast array of out-of-county material in the Research Centre we recruited another member.

We do have a challenge to reach out to those family historians living in and around Berkshire and without any direct interest in Berkshire, to let them know we can help them, and what they, in turn, can gain by helping others. You can help, by letting interested friends and acquaintances know what our Society can offer them.

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