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September 2001

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Letters to the Editor

Irene Littleby, Reading

Honorary membership

I feel very humbled to receive the honorary membership of the Berkshire Family History Society, although I am accepting not only for myself but also on behalf of John Brooks, Arthur Ruffle, Gwen Prince, Val Ayres, Brian Edwards and most recently Margaret Foreman.

Visiting the Berkshire Record Office to transcribe parish registers on Thursdays has become a way of life. It all started through getting interested in my family history way back in the late 1970s. Although I had no Berkshire roots when I retired in 1983 I asked Adam Green, the then County Archivist, if there was anything I could do for the BRO to recompense for the help I was getting from their records. He told me that I could transcribe a parish register - Ashampstead. The early register had me putting Greens down as Groons. I learnt quickly. Before long I joined John Brooks and Arthur Ruffle who were also transcribing parish registers. Next to join the team were Gwen Prince and Val Ayres. John typed all our transcripts and it was a great loss to us when he died suddenly, so I approached the Berkshire Family History Society to provide help. Brian Edwards came to our assistance putting the transcripts on disc - wonderful things computers (I must get one). All initial printings are checked against the parish registers and for this we are grateful to Margaret Foreman. Val and I, sadly, are fast approaching the end of our transcribing days. To date there are still 733 registers to be transcribed, so we urgently need more help from members of the Society.

Volunteers are always needed to transcribe the registers, type up the transcripts at home on computer, or cheek the draft copies.

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