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September 2001

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Letters to the Editor

Ken Skinner, Caversham, Reading

GRO certificates

I was very interested to read the item in the last issue of the journal about the possibility of ordering GRO certificates by email and I have today received three that I ordered by this means on June 5. I was somewhat taken aback, however, to find that I was charged 24 instead of the 19.50 which I would have paid at the Family Records Centre, despite the fact that I supplied the correct index reference in each case. On taking this up with the GRO I was told that the charge of 8.00 for a certificate was correct for QR applications (when you are supplying the index reference) and 11.00 for STD cases (applications when you are not supplying the GRO index reference). I find this additional charge inexplicable as I would have thought that email applications were more efficient and worth encouraging. 

Admittedly there is a saving in the cost of travel to London, but then it is possible to combine a visit to the FRC with visits to other research centres.

May I also point out that the telephone number of the GRO is 0870 243 7788. When I tried the number given in the journal I discovered that you had omitted the digit 4.

May I apologise for this error. I received this information from the Federation of Family History Societies and should have checked the number before putting it into the journal. (Ed.)

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