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Letters to the Editor

Pat Slatcher, Rugby, Warwickshire

Have you lost Sarah HAINES?

I found this document at the Northamptonshire Record Office recently and I thought Sarah might belong to somebody in the Reading area:

'1738. Joseph Walker shoemaker of ys parish & Sarah Haines of Redding in Berkshire WID. Having liv'd & travelld together as man & wife three and twenty years or more were brot: here by a pass from Creaton very Sick, on web enquiry being made concerning their marriage as pretended it appear'd they never had been married, and ye man confess'd ye Same under his hand before several Wittnesses who have attested ye Same, but both he & she desiring they might be lawfully marry'd confessing both of them the Crime of their former life & pretending Sorrow for it they were, after the womn: had sojourn'd here Six weeks, askt three times at Church during divine Service & then lawfully marry'd the Five and Twentieth Day of July this year.'

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