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September 2002

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Letter to the Editor -
CHESLIN family

from David Critchley, churchwarden for Addington.
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Frank WHITCHALL’s search for Dorothie WHITCHALL of Addington (March, 2002 edition of the Berkshire Family Historian) is surely Dorothy WHITCHALL of Addington, Buckingham, who was christened on Dec. 20, 1640, daughter of Robert WHITCHALL, rector of Addington.

There is a village of this name near Buckingham. I don’t have the county history to hand but The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham by George Lipscomb, London 1847, gives a parish by parish survey with lists of rectors, so that should enable you to sort it out. Bucks County Record Office would I am sure be happy to sell you a photocopy of the appropriate page.

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8th September 2002