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The origin of the name Nicholson-Lailey

Help Wanted by Ursula Davis
, nee Nicholson-Lailey, Yeovil, Somerset

Family recollections believe that the name Nicholson was introduced into my father’s branch of the Lailey family in response to a probate bequest. The name first appears in 1815 when the eldest son of Jethro Lailey was baptised George Nicholson Lailey on 9 September 1815 at Stanford Dingley. Jethro subsequently gave the name Nicholson as a second forename to some of his daughters but not to his other sons. George Nicholson Lailey however had all his children baptised with the second name of Nicholson. This name has now disappeared form most branches of the family but my grandfather assured its survival in our branch by introducing the hyphenated form Nicholson-Lailey about the time of his marriage in 1899. The only clue that I have comes from the entry in the Bradfield parish register of the marriage of Jethro Lailey ‘of Stanford Dingley’ to Mary Wilks on 14 September 1814 ‘cons Rich Nicholas gaurd’. Mary was born in Westminster, exact date and parentage unknown, but in the 1851 census she is recorded as being ‘a proprietor of houses’. Can anyone give me a clue which could lead me to identify this Richard Nicholas and trace his Will or any links between the Nicholas and Wilks families?

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