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September 2003

Where were you on D-Day?

Letter to the Editor from Keith B. Armstrong, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex

I was probably in school on that momentous day, but I was also in the 4th Ashford (Middx) scouts at the time. We went to camp at Weedon in Northamptonshire from 12 to the 19 August 1944. I think on the Wednesday of that week my friend Tom Bailey and I were left in charge of the camp while the troop went off on an exercise. During that time and for several hours, we saw Airspeed Horsa gliders and American Waco Hadrian gliders towed across the sky. They were flying in two lines like parallel lanes on a motorway. The towing aircraft were mostly Douglas DC3 Dakotas and Armstrong Whitworth Albemarles. I think some of the aircraft were towing two gliders.

I have attempted to find out where the aircraft were going, and the Airborne Forces Museum the Head of Airborne Forces told me that it could have been an exercise. Could Barbara Dove tell me how I might discover further information about the aircraft I saw?
Simons family

I am trying to find the birth of Catherine Simons, daughter of William (Carter) Simons and Catherine Reynolds in the early 1870s at Falmouth, Cornwall, so far without success. I have two unwanted certificates one for Catherine Simons daughter of Henry, a coastguard, who was born at St Germans, Cornwall, and William Edward Simons, a mariner, born at Lexden, Essex. If other members with an interest in the Simons family would like these certificates I will pass them on.

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