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Titles of articles: March 1997 to June 1999

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Titles of Articles
March 1997 to June 1999

Back to Basics? by Catherine Harrington (Sep 1997)
Distribution of Berkshire Surnames by Jean Debney (Jun 1998)
Finding Berkshire Men during the Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815) by Barbara Chambers (Dec 1998)
Life and Death in Berkshire c1590-1720: the evidence of the Berkshire Probate Accounts by Ian Mortimer (Jun 1998)
Berkshire Folk Found in Heraldic Court Cases by Barbara Young (Jun 1997)
"My dearesr Betsy" submitted by Colin Brown (Dec 1998)
The Case of Samuel Blackall
by Jean Debney (Jun 1998)
Sergeant John Blelloch - The Life and Travels of a Nineteenth Century Soldier by John W Blelloch (Dec 1998)
A Visit to the Book Town by Chad Hanna (Sep 1998)
Builders Day Book by Judith Lawrence (Sep 1998)
"Four Manly Boys" by George Sawtell (Sep 1998)
Teas and Bara Brith by Dorothy Wise (Dec 1997)

The Family Car by Mary Rogers (Jun 1999)
Did this Lady Live in Caversham? by Sue McPhee (Dec 1998)
Monumental Inscriptions at Hemsean Road Cemetary, Caversham by David and Carol Wright (Mar 1998)
What Can You Find on the Census? by Ann Davis (Dec 1997)
Birth Year Calculator for the 1881 Census by John Gurnett (Mar 1998)
Censearch and the 1841 Census by John Talbot (Mar 1997)
The Cryptic 1841 Census Index by Norman Hidden (Jun 19997)
Presenting the 1901 Census by John Pollock (Jun 1999)
1881 Census Project - Reported Mistakes by Susan Lumas (Jun 1999)
Computer Forum by Eddie Spackman (Dec 1998)
Major John Cross Godsalve Crosse 1766-1854 (Jun1998)
A Family Historian in Crete by Carol Angus (Mar 1997)

The Missing Children of John Robert Dance and his first Wife, Mary née Morrissey by Euncie Rider (Sep 1997)
Living with the Dead! by Lee Rayner (Jun 1998)
by Simon Harrington (Jun 1999)
A Dynasty of Doctors by Major Alex Greenwood (Jun 1997)
Lost Documents by Beryl Hurley (Jun 1997)
Governor Roger Drake
by Paul Bryant (Mar 1997)

Emigration to New South Wales by Brian Edwards (Jun 1999)

Frederick Fisher - Fulsome Philanderer? by Isobel Chilton (Mar 1997)
Programme of Entertainments, Forbury Gardens 1926 by S J Parsons (Jun 1999)
Off to France August 1914, and After by Len Wigg (Sep 1998)

Thomas Gardiner, Preacher and Miller by Elizabeth Ballard (Sep 1998)
... Of Little Girls & Square Dancers (Jun 1999)
A Grave Mistake - A Cautionary Tale by Keith Buckingham (Jun 1999)

Trial and Tribulations of a Genealogist by E A Gamester (Jun 1999)
Who Was Great Grandma Giles by David Sarjeant (Jun 1997)
William Girdler of Hurley by Ron Girdler (Jun 1997)
Do you have Glassmakers in your Family Tree? (Jun 1997)
Gravestone Survey by Dorothy Wise (Mar 1998)

Caring for the Haddaway Children after the Deaths of their Parents in 1837/1838 by Len Wigg (Mar 1998)
The Families of Hamstead Marshall
by Penelope Stokes (Jun 1997)
Hamstead Marshall in the 1920s - 2 photographs (Sep 1997)
Hamstead Marshall - A Retrospect by a Native Born - excerpt from Newbury Weekly News 28th Sep 1894 (Jun 1997)
Hampstead Marshall A Reminiscence - excerpt from Newbury Weekly News 25th Jun 1896 (Sep 1997)
Just One Long Holiday, With Pay by Lisa Spurrier (Dec 1998)
Hurrah for WO 364! by Margaret Thorogood (Sep 1997)
Huguenots in Spitalfields by Ralph Bradbury (Jun 1999)

A New Source - The Vital Records Index for the British Isles and Berkshire in particular by Jean Debney and Eddie Spackman (Mar 1999)
Surfing the Internet for Scottish Family History by Ruby Bateman (Sep 1998)
How the Internet is Helping me to Research my Family Tree by Philip Long (Jun 1998)
Serendipity and the Internet: Tracing the Purver Family in Berkshire and Canada by Pat Straughan (Dec 1998)

Jan Jones née Ash (1949-1998) - an appreciation by Jean Debney (Mar 1998)

Did Your Grandmother go to Kendrick? by Ann Davis (Sep 1998)

Distribution of Berkshire Surnames - LANFEAR and variants byTerence Lanfear (Mar 1998)
A Berkshire "Stray" - Charles Shaw Lefevre, MA, FRS (1759-1823) - MP of Reading for 36 years (Jun 1997)
Let's Get Familia - the directory of Family History Resources in Public Libraries (Dec 1998)
Henry Lucas - A Member of 'The Long Parliament' and Wokingham Benefactor by Robert J Griffiths (Jun 1997)

Are Mackrells Macklins? by Sue Ritter (Dec 1998)
River, Roads, Railways and Bridges: The Maidenhead Story by Judith Mitchell (Mar 1999)
Maidenhead Heritage Trust by Cliff Debney (Sep 1997)
Putting the "Meat on the Bones" by Sandra Wright (Jun 1997)
A Family of Millers by Bill Bradfield (Jun 1999)
Football and Witchcraft in North Moreton by Barry Boulton (Jun 1999)
Cole (Jun 1999)
Marriage Witness Index by John Gurnett (Dec 1997)
Saumarez Mountstevens by Ron Dobrée (Dec 1998)
The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regimental Museum by Mike Cornwell (Jun 1997)
The Wardrobe - The Salisbury Museum of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment by Jean
A Modern Mystery by Bill Britton (Mar 1999)

Never Give Up by Sue Peyman-Stroud (Jun 1997)
The Value of Networking by John Pollock (Jun 1998)

The Berkshire Overseers' Project - An Update by Brian Hunt (Jun 1999)

A Name Curiosity by John Gurnett (Sep 1997)

Patronage and Neotism by William Moore (Mar 1998)
A Group Photgraph, Before , Before, Now and In-Between - A History Project by Andrew Tatham (Sep 1998)
Update on a Group Photograph: Before, Now and In-Between
by Andrew Tatham (Jun 1999)
A Jigsaw Puzzle with Pieces Missing by Julie Goddard (Jun 1999)
Looking for Lucy Plumb by Penelope Stokes (Mar 1999)
A Riot at the Red Lyon, Purley by Jean Debney (Sep 1997)
A Little Puzzle by Graham Fidler (Jun 1999)

Reading Cemetary - Tales from the Tombstones by Jacqueline Harbor (Sep 1998)
Transcription of "Cemetery Junction", Reading by David Watkins (Mar 1997)
Parish Register Project by Chad Hanna (Jun 1997)
Foreign Relations by Norah Moore (Jun 1998)
by Colin Hague (Jun 1997)
Wanted - John Rosamund - Highway Robber by Barbara Young (Jun 1998)
Ancestor Rose - rose to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the FFHS (Mar 1998)

The Life of William Savory - Surgeon of Brightwalton by Stuart Eagles (Jun 1997)
William Savory: Rise and Fall by Stuart Eagles (Sep 1997)
Henry Sealey - A Cautionary Tale by June Page (Jun1997)
My School Days in Slough by Lucy Hudson (Dec 1997)
Slough High Street as I remembered it as a child by Lucy Hudson (Mar 1997)
Memories of Slough in the 1920s by Lucy Hudson (Mar 1999)
Soldiers Who Died in the Great War: 1914-1919 (Dec 1998)
Song-Collecting in North-West Berks 1914-1916 by Andrew Bathe (Jun 1998)
A Not So Cheerful Story by Gillian Picken (Sep 1998)
National Monument Record Centre, Swindon by Colin Brown (Jun 1998)

Kings Honours Tilehurst Man (Dec 1997)
A Sailing Ticket Puzzle by Ruby Bateman (Dec 1998)
A Sailing Ticket Puzzle by Walter Townsend (Jun 1999)
James and Little Tom by Robin Mosses (Mar 1998)
J.M.W. Turner and the Lovegroves and Marshalls of Sunningwell by Dr Selby Whittingham (Dec 1997)

Life and Death in a Victorian Village by Penelope Stokes (Sep 1997)

Waltham Fête 1930 - transcription of a leaflet for each letter of the alphabet by George Tomlinson (Mar 1998)
The Watchfield Horror by David Disbury (Jun 1998)
An Aversion to Water
by Valda Shrimpton (Dec 1997)
Berkshire Family History Society Website by Chad Hanna (Jun 1999)
A Search for the Wiggins of Hungerford by John Canning (Jun 1999)
Wills from 1858 (Sep 1998)
How Wokingham got its Nickname of "Louse Town" by Marilyn Wooldridge (Sep 1997)
Wokingham Library: Local History and Family History by Carolyn Carson (Sep 1998)

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