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Titles Index
Journal Titles Index
  Journal Titles Index for articles starting with letter D
for journals published before Sep 1995

The Journals indexed are :

BerkshireFamHist - BerksFHS Family Historian (Quarterly)
OldAndNew - Berkshire Old and New: the annual journal of the Berkshire Local
History Association
Windlesora - Journal of the Windsor and Local History Group
Wokingham - Journal of the Wokingham Local History Group

They are available in the Research Centre Library at Yeomanry House, Reading

The following information is given (where appropriate)
Title  Subtitle  Author  Magazine  Volume  Part Page  Location  Place

Dad's Army. Napoleonic Wars Aut: Disbury. David G. BerkshireFamHist (1993) Vol 16 Pt 4 p132
Daily and domestic life in 17th century Reading Aut: Fellgett. Mary OldAndNew Vol 3 Pt 1 p10 Reading
Dates & Calendars for the Genealogist. Aut: Webb. Clifford BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 4 p164
Dating Old Photographs. Aut: Pols. Robert BerkshireFamHist (1996) Vol 19 Pt 3 p114
DAVIS of Windsor Aut: Ashworth. Peter Windlesora Vol 9 Pt 1 p2
A day in the life of an Enumerator. Aut: Hanna. Chad BerkshireFamHist (1989) Vol 12 Pt 2 p42

Death on the Somme of Walter Wilfred MONK Aut: James. Jacqui, BerkshireFamHist (1982) Vol 5 Pt 1 p18 Somme, France
Definitely unsure. Setting up a Database Aut: Talbot. John BerkshireFamHist (1987) Vol 10 Pt 10 p229
Destination Birmingham FFHS A.G.M. Aut: Read. Cynthia BerkshireFamHist (1978) Vol 1 Pt 1 p11

Diaries of 8-9 Year old School Pupils Aut: Hosking. (John) Roger Wokingham Vol 6 Pt 1 p16
Did you know? Trophy Money Aut: Debney. Jean BerkshireFamHist (1983) Vol 6 Pt 3 p62 Purley
Directory of England & Wales for the year 1798. Aut: Hawkings. D.T. BerkshireFamHist (1981) Vol 4 Pt 2 p34 England, Wales
Disease in Berkshire. Aut: Gurnett. John BerkshireFamHist (1992) Vol 15 Pt 1 p19 Berkshire
Display Panel Competition-a Judges View. Aut: Durrant. Dr Peter BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 4 p168
District nursing in Berkshire 1914 Aut: Horn. Pamela OldAndNew Vol 12 Pt 1 p35 Berkshire

Does it run in the Family? DEARLOVE family history. Aut: Masson. Yvonne BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 3 p96
Domesday 1986 Aut: Taylor. Lawrence OldAndNew Vol 4 Pt 1 p36
Don't believe all you read WHEELER family of Easthampstead Aut: Wheeler. Dick BerkshireFamHist (1987) Vol 10 Pt 8 p202 Easthampstead
Down at the Old Bull & Bush. VINALL family of Mortimer. Aut: Vinall. Joan BerkshireFamHist (1988) Vol 11 Pt 4 p92 Mortimer
Dowsing for your Ancestors. Aut: Foulke. Brian W.R. BerkshireFamHist (1986) Vol 9 Pt 3 p92

Drawings from The Graphic Aut: Cleaver. Ralph Windlesora Vol 11 Pt 1
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