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Titles Index
Journal Titles Index
  Journal Titles Index for articles starting with letter G
for journals published before Sep 1995

The Journals indexed are :

BerkshireFamHist - BerksFHS Family Historian (Quarterly)
OldAndNew - Berkshire Old and New: the annual journal of the Berkshire Local
History Association
Windlesora - Journal of the Windsor and Local History Group
Wokingham - Journal of the Wokingham Local History Group

They are available in the Research Centre Library at Yeomanry House, Reading

The following information is given (where appropriate)
Title  Subtitle  Author  Magazine  Volume  Part Page  Location  Place

J. GANE & Co. of Eton Aut: Bayley. Michael H.H. Windlesora Vol 9 Pt 1 p10
Gasworker Ancestors, how to find out more about them - A guide to genealogical sources Aut: Loverseed. David BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 4 p190

Gedcom Data Transfer-Moving your Family Tree. Aut: Hawgood. David BerkshireFamHist (1992) Vol 15 Pt 3 p100
Genealogical check list of sources & centuries covered. Aut: Massey. Robert W. BerkshireFamHist (1986) Vol 9 Pt 1 p2
Genealogical Computer packages. Aut: Hawgood. David BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 4 p164
Genealogical Research Directory Aut: Johnson. Keith & Sainty. Malcolm BerkshireFamHist (1987) Vol 10 Pt 1 p18
Genealogical Sources in France. Aut: Pontet. Patrick BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 2 p60 France
A genealogical spelling 'B' WHEWAY ancestry. Aut: Wheway. Mary K. BerkshireFamHist (1978) Vol 1 Pt 3 p54
Genealogy for Beginners Aut: Willis. Arthur J. BerkshireFamHist (1979) Vol 2 Pt 1 p17
Genealogy for Librarians. Aut: Harvey. Richard BerkshireFamHist (1986) Vol 9 Pt 3 p78
General Book on Family History Aut: Steel. D.J. BerkshireFamHist (1983) Vol 6 Pt 1 p17
General Register Office One-Name Lists in the Library of the Society of Genealogists Aut: Society of Genealogists BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 4 p188
George ANDREWS Baptist, Quaker and Teacher Aut: Ayres. Dennis Wokingham Vol 9 Pt 1 p35
George MINTER, Vagabond-Philosopher, & William his respectable brother. Aut: Willmott. Sue BerkshireFamHist (1981) Vol 4 Pt 3 p60 Suffolk
George William READ of the Kings Troop, Royal Artillery Aut: Coles. Rita BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 3 p102 Caversham

Gibson Guide reviews Aut: Gibson. Jeremy BerkshireFamHist (1996) Vol 19 Pt 1 p55
Gipsy Jane - Miss Anne Courtney LOCKE, East Hendred Aut: Harris. Len & Willis. Tom and Lilian BerkshireFamHist (1996) Vol 19 Pt 4 p144 East Hendred
Give & take. History of Christ's Hospital. Abingdon. Aut: Carter. John & Smith. Jacqueline BerkshireFamHist (1985) Vol 8 Pt 2 p54 Abingdon

Gleanings from exchange magazine. Aut: Sarney. Rosemary BerkshireFamHist (1990) Vol 13 Pt 3 p79
Glebe Terriers of Berkshire, 1634 Aut: Mortimer. Ian BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 3 p94 Berkshire
Gloucestershire & Bristol County Genealogical Bibliography. Aut: Raymond. Stuart A BerkshireFamHist (1992) Vol 15 Pt 4 p134 Gloucestershire

GODFREY/BRAKTON Bible entries. Aut: Cruse. David BerkshireFamHist (1988) Vol 11 Pt 1 p9
GOOCH from Suffok in Reading Aut: Scriven. Paul BerkshireFamHist (1979) Vol 2 Pt 1 p16 Suffolk
Gorrick Well Aut: Heelas. Arthur Wokingham Vol 8 Pt 1 p24
Gorrick Wood Aut: Ayres. Dennis Wokingham Vol 8 Pt 1 p22

Grass. Two Basic Truths. Aut: Wilshin. Mike BerkshireFamHist (1987) Vol 10 Pt 9 p223
GRAVES Family Association Greaves/Graves Family Association Aut: Graves. Kenneth Vance BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 4 p179
Grazaley Manor Farm: a Survey 1880 - 1980 Aut: Kirkwood. Kerr OldAndNew Vol 10 Pt 1 p13 Grazeley
Greater London Parish Registers Aut: Guildhall Library BerkshireFamHist (1996) Vol 19 Pt 1 p25 London
Growing up in Binfield c1800 Aut: Escott. Margaret OldAndNew Vol 3 Pt 1 p39 Binfield
Growth of Reading. Aut: Petyt. Malcolm BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 3 p116 Reading

Guide to Lloyd's Marine Collection and related marine resources Aut: Barriskill. D.T. BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 4 p189
Guide to Surrey Manorial Records. Aut: Webb. Cliff BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 1 p25 Surrey

GYNGELL ancestry Aut: Gyngell. Roy BerkshireFamHist (1987) Vol 10 Pt 4 p96
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