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Titles Index
Journal Titles Index
  Journal Titles Index for articles starting with letter V
for journals published before Sep 1995

The Journals indexed are :

BerkshireFamHist - BerksFHS Family Historian (Quarterly)
OldAndNew - Berkshire Old and New: the annual journal of the Berkshire Local
History Association
Windlesora - Journal of the Windsor and Local History Group
Wokingham - Journal of the Wokingham Local History Group

They are available in the Research Centre Library at Yeomanry House, Reading

The following information is given (where appropriate)
Title  Subtitle  Author  Magazine  Volume  Part Page  Location  Place

Variations in spelling names. Aut: Higgs. John C. BerkshireFamHist (1989) Vol 12 Pt 1 p21
Variations of a name. BAREFOOT family Aut: Barefoot. Michael BerkshireFamHist (1986) Vol 9 Pt 1 p10

VERRY family in Berkshire. Aut: Verry. R.B. BerkshireFamHist (1979) Vol 2 Pt 1 p16 Berkshire

Vicar of Bray Aut: Mattingly. Joanna OldAndNew Vol 2 Pt 1 p10 Bray
Victorian Childhood in Windsor Aut: Hunter. Judith Windlesora Vol 9 Pt 1 p25
Victorian Virtues, Vices and Virtuosity Federation Conference in Berkshire Aut: Wells. Joyce BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 3 p100 Reading
Victorian Virtues, Vices and Virtuosity Looking back at the september Conference Aut: Wells. Joyce BerkshireFamHist (1996) Vol 19 Pt 2 p79
Victorian Wedding in Purley. Leila STORER marries George FULLERTON Aut: Debney. Jean BerkshireFamHist (1987) Vol 10 Pt 8 p197 Purley
Victuallers' Licences: Records for Family and Local Historians Aut: Gibson. Jeremy & Hunter. Judith BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 4 p188
Victuallers' Licences: Records for Family Historians. Aut: Gibson. Jeremy & Hunter. Judith BerkshireFamHist (1995) Vol 18 Pt 2 p59
Village in the Town. Aut: Padley. Fred BerkshireFamHist (1985) Vol 8 Pt 2 p53
Vincent HAWKINS married Ann MULCOCK Aut: Hawkins. Tom BerkshireFamHist (1994) Vol 17 Pt 2 p46 Faringdon
Vincent HAWKINS. Sub-Postmaster. Little Coxwell. Aut: Hawkins. F. BerkshireFamHist (1986) Vol 9 Pt 2 p32 Little Coxwell
Vintage publicity. A talk on Genealogy by Mr.Robert Massey. Evening Post 1974, October 1 clipping Aut: Brown. Peter BerkshireFamHist (1984) Vol 7 Pt 2 p32
Virtues, Vices and Virtuosity Conference costs Aut: Miles. Rosemary BerkshireFamHist (1996) Vol 19 Pt 3 p119
A visit to the Aerary Aut: Dumbleton. Michael OldAndNew Vol 5 Pt 1 p15 Windsor
A visit to the P.R.O. new premises at Kew Aut: Townsend. Frank BerkshireFamHist (1980) Vol 3 Pt 3 p71 Kew
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