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THE CENSUS OF 1871 – The arrangements for the decennial numbering of the people are now complete, householders’ schedules and books for enumerators having been issued from the Census-office in Craig’s court, Charing Cross, London, to all the Registrars throughout the kingdom. Every precaution has been taken to render the return accurate and complete, and it will probably be a full and reliable record of the number of living souls abiding on the land or in vessels upon the coast or inland waters on the night preceding the census day, which is Monday, April 3.  Provision is also made for obtaining a list of persons in Her Majesty’s ships at sea and on foreign stations, the crews of merchantmen and other vessels belonging to English-ports, and of all residents who may be travelling abroad on that night. The census schedules will be left at every home, one for every family or lodger, during the week which commences on Monday next, March 27; they contain explicit instructions as to the mode in which the form is to be filled up, and the head of each family is bound to furnish all the necessary particulars under a penalty of 5. Each enumerator will have about 200 houses in his list, and he will be required to fill up the schedule himself in case there is no member of a family able to write. The census papers will all be collected on Monday, April 3, their contents copied into books, and the results calculated upon which the Registrar-General will compile his aggregate return.  An improved scale of allowance for performing the duties connected with the census has been sanctioned by the Secretary of State for the Home Department; registrars will receive a fixed fee of 4 and an additional fee of 1s for every 100 persons above 1,200 in their district; and enumerators will be paid 1 1s each and 2s 6d per 100 persons over 400, with certain travelling expenses.

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