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Berkshire Strays Project

Berkshire Strays
Project Leader: Margaret Young

"A stray is a recorded event in which a person is described in the record as being from, or connected with, a place outside the area in which they normally lived." (Dictionary of Genealogy. 5th edition)

We maintain a 'strays index' which includes people recorded in events taking place outside Berkshire where the person has been given some reference to Berkshire.

The most frequent types of strays are from marriage and census records but other sources include material from poor law records, death and burial records, monumental inscriptions and baptisms. Some of the most interesting are: burials in coastal parishes of drowned seamen washed up from wrecks where the name of the ship is often given; baptisms of gypsy children with fascinating names; militia men marrying girls from the parishes in which they were stationed during the Napoleonic Wars. The list is endless.


Update at September 2008

The BFHS Strays Index now has 20,000 entries. These include 100 baptisms, 400 deaths, 350 burials, 2,000 marriages, 2,300 apprentice details and 14,000 census entries. No further census entries will be added to the database.

Most entries have been sent in by other researchers and have not been checked for accuracy. Inevitability there are large gaps in the data and you are encouraged to verify the records yourself.

The Strays Index is included in the Berkshire Name Search. Searches can be made of the database at the Research Centre or by post.

If you come across a stray that ought to be in our index then please eMail it toeMail address for Straysor mail it to:

Margaret Young - Strays Index
BerksFHS Research Centre,
Yeomanry House, 131 Castle Hill,
READING, RG1 7TJ. United Kingdom

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