About Berkshire Burials (12th Edition)

  • 12th Edition  CD

  • over 900,000 transcriptions (not an index)

  • over 270 churchyards, cemeteries, burial grounds and workhouses

  • 71,000 more entries than 11th Edition
  • covers ALL of pre-1974 Berkshire

  • updates available for ninth, tenth and eleventh editions


Berkshire Burials 12th Edition CD offers:

  • a definitive finding aid - the Name Index

  • two fully searchable transcription datasets - Place by date - and Place by name

  • both datasets give you additional information for burials in all parts of the pre-1974 Royal County of Berkshire

Original parish registers for pre-1974 Berkshire are deposited at Berkshire Record Office, Reading. Here you can check your discoveries against primary sources and other parish documents.


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Berkshire Burials is in Adobe Reader format. Should you not have Adobe Reader version 7.0 or above installed on your computer you can obtain it free from www.adobe.com. Users of Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 are recommended to use Adobe Reader and not the inbuilt PDF reader installed with these operating systems..

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National Burial Index (NBI)

About 65 per cent of entries included in Berkshire Burials, 12th Edition appear, in much abbreviated form, in the Third Edition of the National Burial Index (February 2010). Whilst the NBI is just an index, for most entries, Berkshire Burials gives extra detail such as status, address, occupation, and information such as cause or place of death, coroner's inquest and similar data, where recorded in original registers or Bishops' Transcripts.

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