The Centre for Heritage and Family History is staffed by volunteers, Research Assistants, who can offer advice and help with your research questions and problems. But they do not carry out research for you — other visitors to The Centre will also need help and guidance, and volunteers have their general duties too.

Many online resources are freely accessible using the PCs in the Research Zone You need to be comfortable using a keyboard and a mouse, although help can be given in guiding you through the online resources, family history programs, digital publications and other websites accessible from The Centre.

If you cannot readily use a computer (for whatever reason), you are very welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to "drive" the computer for you.

If you are a beginner, Research Assistants at The Centre can help you to get started with your family history research. Everyone has to start somewhere at some stage — so where better than in Reading, at Berkshire's foremost facility for family history research?

Volunteers can also steer you towards suitable websites to assist your research and can highlight the wealth of information held at The Centre for Heritage and Family History — in electronic and other forms. Research Assistants can probably help you on many computing-related matters too, but you will recognise that individual computing experience will be variable. 

Computer related queries On most Tuesday evenings at The Centre for Heritage and Family History, a team of knowledgeable volunteers are available to answer your queries - anything from hardware issues to choosing and using a family history program. Programs can be demonstrated too in many cases.

Computer Branch

If you have a particular interest in computing in family history, or if you have a computing or software problem, you are warmly invited to join any meeting of the society's Computer Branch where society members should be able to help you.

This branch meets monthly on the third Wednesday at the Oakwood Centre, Headley Road, Woodley, RG5 4JZ. Many members there with computing skills will be pleased to offer you their thoughts, advice and help.

 Page revised 18th June 2018

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