Wokingham Free Church Burial Ground

The Free Church Burial Ground on the Reading Road, Wokingham, was opened in 1921 to provide a burial place for the non-conformists of the town, mainly Methodists and Baptists. The first burial was 27 July 1921 although several inscriptions commemorate deaths in World War 1 as early as 1916.

The burial ground is located on the Reading Road approximately 700metres (just under half a mile) from the Shute End Council Offices, heading west from Wokingham Town centre, the entrance being on the left immediately after the Skew Bridge, grid ref SU803692.

The booklets:

The Baptists in Wokingham – 200 years of Christian Witness by Leonard Goddard Smalley (A5, 73 pages) and:

Methodism in Wokingham 1817-1967 by Rev. E.Ralph Bates, (A5, 50 pages)

explain that the land was bought in 1920 using money subscribed by members of the Baptist and Wesleyan Churches.

Both of these publications are available in Wokingham Library.

Also buried here are former members of the cinematograph trade who have died at the retirement home, “Glebelands”, in the town. They have their own Garden of Remembrance where all who have died at Wokingham are recorded. This section consists of an area in the centre of the Ground, walled on four sides, with openings in the west and east walls, and pillars forming a pergola on the west wall.

The burial ground contains almost 700 interments, many of which are included in the Berks FHS publication the Berkshire Burial Index (check the bookshop for latest details).

The monumental inscriptions were recorded by members of Berks FHS in the 1980s and these have been updated and released on CD-ROM, with images of every monument, in 2009. (Monumental Inscriptions Wokingham Free Church 1921-2009 BRK 0248)

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