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Unfortunately not all places in Berkshire have had an article written for them yet.

Additional information is available in the GenUKI pages for Berkshire or by searching our bookshop.

If you have knowledge about the place, perhaps you would like to write an article for our Society web site.

We provide resources for authors registered on the web site.

There is also a selection of videos available on Chad Hanna's Youtube channel that will be useful:

  1. Writing an Article for Berkshire Family History Society web site http://youtu.be/T4Pp-yIY2CM
  2. Adding an image to a Joomla! article http://youtu.be/6Frv0OKLtxM
  3. Adding a link to a Joomla! article http://youtu.be/wQrBnH1COFA

Please get in touch with the web team if you would like to become an author and help us write some more articles.

Written by Chad Hanna 27 March 2012

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